Beach Snoballs

Since putting "eat as many snow cones as possible" on my summer bucket list, I've managed to try several new snowcone/snoball stands over the past few weeks. It helps that my dad is borderline obsessed with the treats as well, so it's easy to convince him to tag along when trying out new places. This time around, we drove down to Treasure Island to test out Beach Snoballs. He had a cherry snoball and I went with the key lime flavor. They both were delicious and I loved the unexpected surprise of the spoons turning blue in reaction to the ice! It's the little things :) They had so many flavors and toppings to try, we'll probably be back soon for more. Considering the heat here has been almost unbearable on same days, I should make the most of it with another trip to the beach followed by a snoball or two!