The Rare Bird of Fashion

The new Iris Apfel documentary finally made its way into town and I jumped at the chance to go see it. The documentary was only playing for a few nights at the Tampa Theatre, so my mom and I made an evening of it. If you are unfamiliar with Iris Apfel, she is probably the coolest 90- something year old you may ever come across. She's known for her quirky and eccentric fashion choices; you would probably recognize her by her oversized rounded eyeglasses. The documentary focuses on Iris' love for fashion and her creative work within the industry, but what I loved the most was her outlook on life. She and her husband, Carl, have been married for more than 65 years and they truly believe that you have to make the most of this life while you can. Iris commented on how it's more important to be interesting rather than pretty, which I couldn't agree with more in today's society. She believes and preaches that curiosity and imagination are the keys to success in your personal and professional endeavors. Even if you're not one for fashion, this woman's life is incredibly interesting. One thing is certain, she and her sweet husband will inspire your love for life and your sense of adventure.