Summer Bucket List 2015

Each season, I find myself making sporadic notes in my phone, on my laptop, and even in my planner of little activities I want to experience. Sometimes, when I don't collectively put them in one place, it's hard for me to actually accomplish all that I was looking forward to. I dogsit and babysit quite often, especially over the summer when kids are out of school and families are traveling themselves. It's easy to get caught up in day to day life and those activities end up getting pushed aside. Before you know it, summer is over and it's the middle of October. In order to get the most out of my summer, I really wanted to combine all of my lists together to create one on here, where I can document and share my activities as I do them. Some are silly, some are small, and others are a bit road trips I am planning to the Seaside area and Fort Lauderdale to visit friends. So, here's to another fun summer spent with family and friends and lots of little fun adventures in between. 

  1. trips to the beach
  2. ride the carousel in St. Augustine
  3. make s'mores
  4. fly a kite 
  5. go to a fair 
  6. eat lots of snow cones
  7. see an outdoor movie
  8. camp indoors (fort tent!)
  9. camp outdoors
  10. paddle board or kayak
  11. go to a concert 
  12. make breakfast for my grandparents each Sunday morning 
  13. picnic as often as possible
  14. go to the zoo
  15. find a photo booth 
  16. ride bicycles 
  17. take a road trip
  18. mini vacation with my family
  19. go to an antique fair or flea market 
  20. ride the trolley in downtown tampa

Do you have any summer plans that you're looking forward to? I would love to know!