About Town

The best types of days are ones spent exploring your city, finding new gems that you never knew existed. I used to think that Tampa didn't really have much to offer growing up; I was so wrong. There are so many little places all over the city that I have been bookmarking left and right to test out. One of those places was Dairy Joy. People that live in south Tampa are probably losing their minds if they are reading this and know that I had never heard of it before. Sorry guys, I'm a born and raised Bo's gal ;) I loved the nostalgic look and walkup counter service. I went with a plain vanilla cake cone dipped in chocolate; you just can't go wrong with the classics. 

Since I was in the area, I spent some time antiquing through a few of the shops on S. Manhattan. I found the little globe below hidden on the back patio of one of the shops. It was a great price and the perfect size to add to my growing globe collection. 

I knew it was going to be an even better day when this little guy cruised right on by me in downtown Tampa. hello, friend! 

I had to run an errand over near Ybor and I decided to park the car and walk down 7th Avenue in search of a quick lunch. I've passed New York, New York Pizza so many times, and each time I kick myself for either just having eaten elsewhere or I'm just not hungry. I could smell the fresh garlic when I walked by and it turned me around in my tracks. When I saw the pizzas in the window I thought now was the best time to try it out. I went with a slice of the Grandma pizza, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella with garlic and basil. I've eaten quite a bit of pizza in my day and there was something so incredibly amazing about this slice. The fresh garlic and mozzarella cheese sprinkled with just the right amount of basil leaves was a combination of perfection. New York, New York, I'll be back for more soon! 

Ironically sharing my diet coke with my BFF...pizza. 

When I saw on Instagram that Small Room Collective, a traveling airstream "road emporium," was stopping into Tampa for a few evenings to set up shop, I knew I had to stop by. Lauren and Travis Hardy, along with their sweet pup George, travel all over the US selling art, apparel, vinyl and other goods made by independent artists out of their 1963 Airstream Globetrotter, named Bob Mapplethorpe. They also sell a variety of vintage goods found from their travels along the way. What an amazing way to spend your time, am I right? Traveling the country, collecting vintage goods, and meeting tons of cool people that make amazing products; sign me up! Does anyone know of an airstream for sale (maybe a VW bus too?) I purchased the adventure and happy camper pennants I pinned up below. You can keep up with their travels to find out where they are headed next via their website and social media pages. If you live in a city they are stopping into for a day or two, take my advice and go!