New York Trip: Day 1

The last weekend in January is Ryan's birthday, so we took a big fun adventure up to NYC for a few days! We stayed with my friends Britni and Bobby, thanks again guys! I'm going to break the trip up into a few days worth of posts because I have so many photos that I really wanted to share. If you're heading to the city for a few days and need some recommendations I've included links to all of the places we visited. 

Here we go! 

The first morning when Brit and Bobby went to work, Ryan and I headed down to Chelsea for breakfast at Bubby's. I've been thinking of their pancakes since my last visit to the city and I knew they had a chicken biscuit that had Ryan's name all over it. My favorite thing about Bubby's is that they have an old fashioned photo booth in the basement downstairs. That photo strip is one of my favorite keepsakes from any of our trips together. 


Post breakfast, we met up with my friend Sarah, SJS! at McNally Jackson's. It's a store composed of anything and everything your office and desk could ever need. Pens and pencils, lamps, organizational accessories, and the like, I wanted all of the things. After we did a bit of shopping we headed to get some lunch at J's Pizza. When Ryan lived in NYC for a summer, he would go to this little pizza spot at least once a week. The worker's knew his order each time he stopped in and the best was that they recognized him this time as well. We gobbled up a large cheese pizza and a couple of sodas and hit the pavement to swing by the David Zwirner and Joshua Liner galleries. I loved the squiggly line installation, it's probably called something totally different, but it looked like sprinkles and made me happy so there's that. 

We said so long to SJS for the afternoon and Ryan and I hopped a train over to Brooklyn to meet up with the guys at The Arm, a letterpress shop. Ryan's followed their work for quite some time but has never made it over to visit their studio. We were both warmly welcomed by the shop pup, Henry the dalmatian. The Arm is a studio where they have half a dozen, and then some, different makes of letterpress machines. You can take classes with them or rent time to use the machines for whatever projects that you are working on. If you are in the market to buy a press, they'll find you one and even restore it as well. It's a really cool concept and I know that Ryan was eating up every minute of the time we spent with the guys there. 

For dinner, we met up with Britni and Bobby after they finished work. We headed to Urbanspace, a large interior space that houses a dozen or so different mini restaurant stands. They had anything from Dough, Sigmund's Pretzels, Roberta's Pizza, and then some. I had tacos from a place I can't remember, it probably wasn't the best choice. Ryan had a pizza from Roberta's and the Brit, Bobby and Ryan all had a chicken sandwich from Delaney's- they looked and smelled amazing. We walked over to Momofuku Milk Bar afterwards on the way home. Ryan and I had a compost cookie and Brit and Bobby had cereal milk ice cream. If you've never had Momofuku before, but you've probably heard the hype, I would say take it or leave it. We all looked at each other after we ate it and started laughing when we realized that the others were thinking the same thing but didn't want to say it out loud. Brit and Bobby thought we really wanted to go there and we thought the same about them. I would say to try it once, but if you want ice cream or desserts, there are hundreds of other places to try that are better (Big Gay Ice Cream was a favorite last time.) 

That's all for day one! We went home and watched TV and sat talking for a few hours, the best way to spend time, in my opinion. Until tomorrow!