Charleston: Day 3

On our last day in Charleston we woke up early to beat the breakfast crowd and the rain that was heading our way. We walked up to Callie's Hot Little Biscuit and I had two biscuits with butter and blackberry jam while Ryan had the egg, cheese and bacon biscuit. I do have to say, I think Callie's may be hit or miss depending on the menu items listed for that day. Nonetheless, it was a nice "southern" way to star off the day. 

From breakfast, we took our umbrella and headed out to brave the rain by walking around the city and onto get coffee at Black Tap. Along the way, we stopped for a minute to admire just how beautiful College of Charleston's campus is. Fun fact, CofC was one of my top choice schools when applying for colleges from high school. I toured and loved the campus with my dad my senior year and I had forgotten just how gorgeous their campus is. We then walked back uptown to visit a big sale called the Jumble Sale which featured about a dozen local businesses selling product at more than 60% or so off of original prices. There were goods from Sideshow Press, Sleepy Jones pajamas, candles, clothing, bags, and decor galore. Neither Ryan nor I left with anything but it was nice to visit and talk with a few of the local business owners. They offered up a few great restaurant recommendations, a few of which we had already been to over the weekend. My foodie research had paid off ;) 

Last, but certainly not least, we absolutely had to stop at Jeni's before leaving town. JENI'S, WHY DON'T YOU HAVE A SCOOP SHOP IN FLORIDA YET?! For now, I will have to settle on a few of my favorite flavors sold in pints at Fresh Markets in the area. I won't complain though! Ryan and I each did a triple scoop of ice cream on a cone. I tried the brambleberry (my favorite!!), wildberry lavender and pistachio + honey. Ryan tried intelligentsia espresso, churro and chocolate? maybe it was peanut butter...whichever it was was delicious! After eating dessert first, we picked up the car and headed out of town and back to St. Augustine. Before we could make it too far out of town we decided to stop for lunch at Boxcar Betty's for burgers and fries. We rolled our way out of Charleston for the weekend, but it won't be long before we are back!