National Letter Writing Month

April marked National Letter Writing month where snail mail and stationery lovers unit and attempt to send thirty letters in thirty days! This is my second year participating and I have looked forward to it since last year's stationery parade ended. I've been collecting cards, envelopes, and stamps galore. 

My grandmother is the one that fostered my love for letter and card writing. She always sent my brother and me cards growing up; she still sends them almost weekly! They make my day each time I arrive home to a hand written note and they mean more to me than most people know. I have kept all of the cards and letters people have written to me over the past several years. Every now and again I will pull them out to just remind myself that I am surrounded by people that love me and are encouraging me every step of the way. 

Here are a few of the cards and envelopes I put together for letter writing month! If you're interested in joining along with the fun next year, you should look into Egg Press and Hello! Lucky Cards. They are two letterpress companies that team up together to encourage communities across the country to participate. It's quite fun and I have connected with new pen pals from across the country.