Meet Penny!

Just after the hurricane about a month ago, I was over at my friend Luke and Danielle's house when the greatest thing happened. Justin and Luke were sitting outside on the porch when they came in requesting that Danielle, Katie, Vada and I all came out onto the porch quietly. Wondering what was happening, to my surprise, there was a tiny little calico-esque kitten on the porch. While Luke and Justin were chatting, the kitten jumped up behind Luke and immediately acted as though it belonged there. She let everyone pet her, she let us pick her up while she purred about as loud as a train, and she was pretty well behaved when we brought her inside. After some adventurous exploring, she settled in on the couch and went right to sleep next to Katie. I've been considering getting a cat for quite some time now, however, my landlord has continuously said no multiple times. I was slightly attached to her already and knew it would be hard to let her go. We all agreed she was incredibly cute and because she didn't have a collar and Luke and Danielle had never seen her in the neighborhood, Luke kept her overnight so I could decide if I would like to keep her. 

Well, it didn't take me long to decide but I knew she had to be mine! After several baths and a couple of trips to the vet (she thankfully was not microchipped) she officially belongs to me. We asked Vada what her name should be and Vada picked the name least that's what we all thought she said :) 

IMG_1313 (1).JPG

So here she is! Little Penny, or Pen Pal as I like to call her! She has been such a blessing and it has been so wonderful to have her around. I love coming home every day for lunch and after work, where she sits on the entry table looking through the door like, "you're home, you're home!" It's the absolute best. Stay tuned for more Penny posts as I am sure there will be more!