Parksdale Strawberry Market

It's strawberry season here in Florida and there's nothing better than a classic strawberry shortcake this time of year. Just before the strawberry festival kicked off, my dad and I drove out to Plant City to pick up a flat and test out the shortcake at Parksdale Market. The place was packed with eager shoppers, so we picked up our flat and a few other fruits and headed over to order our afternoon snacks. My dad had the original strawberry shortcake and I ended up ordering the sliced strawberries with fresh whipped cream. Behind the counter in the kitchen were tubs and tubs of fresh cut strawberries sprinkled with a bit of sugar. The smell was enticing in and of itself, but once you tasted the berries you realized why the market was so crowded in the first place. It was delicious! I tried a bit of the shortcake at the bottom of my dad's bowl and I wasn't disappointed. It's a nice way to have a dessert while still feeling like you're eating a bit healthier ;) If you are over in the area before the month of April ends, stop by! The market is open all year round, however, they only sell the shortcakes, milkshakes, and other desserts from January-April.   

After dessert, we had lunch at Johnson Barbeque. I don't have any photos but if you find yourself over that way and need a lunch recommendation, we approve! My dad had a pulled chicken BBQ sandwich and I had bbq mahi fish tacos. We both agreed it would be worth a trip back over there for lunch. The interior was decorated in true southern fashion, the food was delicious, and the service was as nice as they come.