Downton Abbey Preview

Back in December, the Tampa Theatre hosted a free Downton Abbey Viewing event. They previewed the entire first episode of the newest (and sadly the last) season. When I received the email for the event, I knew that my mom and grandma would especially love to go. I've watched the show since day one, and while I absolutely love it, I believe my grandmother is quite possibly the biggest fan. On the evening of the show, we all met up and headed downtown for a slice of pizza at Sam and Eddy's pizza. After dinner, it was show time! All of the Downton Abbey fans were  over the moon with excitement. The Tampa Theatre was the perfect setting for the show and the audience was certainly not disappointed. 

After dinner, we stopped for dessert at Village Inn. A co-worker of mine kept mentioning an infamous candy cane pie, which I had never heard of before. After hearing amazing things about it, I knew it would be the best place to stop so that we could all try a slice. Thankfully, they were not sold out and each ordered one slice for ourselves. We were all in heaven at first bite. It's almost like a french silk pie meets peppermint pie. There's a flaky, chocolate crust that is filled with mousse and topped with dark chocolate and peppermint colored chips. My mom and grandma both approved ;)