S'mores Day

Yesterday we had a mini celebration in honor of national s'mores day. My mom and I went to Chocolate Pi to treat ourselves to their daily special, a graham cracker ice cream sundae with chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallows. To say it was heavenly would be an understatement. They have the tastiest desserts in town; I'm especially fond of their macarons and caramelia cookies. Their storefront is located at the Epicurean Hotel, just outside facing Howard Avenue. It's often overlooked as you drive by, but it's certainly worth a trip every few weeks, or days ;) They are always whipping up something new and it's difficult to leave without one of everything. If you stop in, try one of their homemade sodas too! They change them out each season, but they keep some regular staples on the menu. My favorite is the fizzy monsieur, an espresso soda. I'm such a sucker for national food holidays, so celebrating this one was no exception! Plus, it's on my summer bucket list to eat as many s'mores as possible ;)