No. 19 on my summer bucket list was to go to an antique fair or flea market. Last Monday, we set our alarms for 5:30am, picked up a dozen donuts and coffee, and headed north on 75 to visit Webster Flea Market. Open each Monday throughout the year, rain or shine, my mom used to bring me here every few months growing up. She would give me a few dollars each trip so that I could purchase "treasure" of my own...and by treasures it was probably some old McDonald's Disney toy. My mom and I went a few months back when the weather was cooler and the fields were packed with vendors. Unfortunately, this time, there weren't too many vendors there to look through. We spent a couple of hours sifting through every booth along each aisle. We each found a few trinkets to bring home, of course I found the most; no surprise there. It was a fun day spent with my mom and Ryan. We've already marked it on our calendars to head back in the fall when it's much cooler and the vendors are aplenty.