Ybor City

Earlier this week, Ryan came into town to visit for the day. We spent the afternoon roaming up and down 7th Avenue, checking out some of the best restaurants and shops that Ybor City has to offer.  With so many beautiful and historical buildings, plus the easy access via the trolley to downtown, it truly is the perfect area to spend a few hours on the weekend. Ybor hasn't always had the best reputation, but there are so many new and local businesses and restaurants opening in the area. It's equal parts cool and sketchy, with a lot of amazing history thrown into the mix. If it's been a while since you've made it over that way, you really should check it out! 

If you've been downtown before, then you know this guy is just one of the unofficial mascots of Ybor City. 

We didn't ride the trolley throughout Ybor, but it is certainly on my bucket list next time we adventure into downtown Tampa. 

We first stopped into The Blind Tiger Cafe for a cappuccino and an earl grey lavender iced tea. They serve Buddy Brew Coffee and a selection of Tebella Tea, both local companies in town. They recently expanded their availability for seating, making it the perfect place to hangout and catch up with friends, study, or read a book. 

Afterwards, we headed to Tampa Bay Brewing Co. for a beer and an order of their pretzels. Their handmade pretzels are my favorite in Tampa. TBBC has eight of their own core brews on tap year-round, with several other seasonal options changing every few months. I tried the Jack the Quaffer Porter which has undertones of coffee and chocolate. 

Next up was La France. I would love to go down to La France and spend an entire afternoon patiently sifting through all of their clothing. They have racks of clothing from every decade, along with a large variety of antique and vintage jewelry. If you are ever attending a themed party or event, this is the place to go for an amazing outfit.  This is also the best place to go if you're just looking for a unique piece of clothing for your personal collection. They have the best vintage coat collection I've seen anywhere in town. 

Lastly, we had dinner at The Bricks, just in time to escape the downpour of rain that came out of nowhere. Ryan had the bird and pig sandwich with chicken, bacon, apples, brie, and agave on sweet bread. I had the cure sandwich with a fried egg, avocado, tomato and cheddar on a toasted kaiser bun. 

Thankfully, the rain let up a bit just in time for us to head home. 

One thing is certain, Ybor sure does make for a beautiful, yet dreary, scene.