Sunny Life

Over the last few days, the weather in Tampa has been so wonderful, I could hear the beach calling my name. Last Thursday, when I saw the weather was going to be in the low 90s for the day, I threw on my swimsuit and packed up my beach chair to head to Clearwater Beach. I sprinted out the door rather early in the morning, hoping to beat the seemed everyone else had the same idea that I did. When I saw that Clearwater Beach was already buzzing with tourists and locals, I headed through Clearwater and over the bridge to Sand Key Park. Sand Key Park is because there is the beach, as well as, a park with picnic and grilling areas, kayak and bicycle rentals, nature trails, and concessions. Parking is a $5 daily flat rate which is so much cheaper in comparison to finding a metered or two hour only parking spot on Clearwater Beach. I headed down near the water and set up my chair to spend the afternoon reading and soaking up some much needed vitamin D. 

I picked up this radio last year with a gift card I had to Anthropologie. It's the best radio and MP3 player to take outdoors, and comes in several cool color combinations. 

Although the crowds of tourists can be frustrating at times, the sight of hundreds of striped umbrellas sprinkled along the beach make me so happy. 

One of these days I would love to rent a paddle board or kayak and spend the afternoon cruising all up the coastline. 

I love combing along the beach for brightly colored and unique seashells to add to my collection. 

These were a few of the shells that I picked up. The tiny little orange one was my favorite find of the day. 

After a few hours in the sun, I decided it was time for lunch..and by lunch I mean tacos. I had read several great reviews about Pearly's Beach Eats and after looking over the menu online, I knew I needed to try it out. You order at the front window and pick a seat amongst the palm trees in their outdoor garden area. Pearly's serves a variety of foods from tacos and burritos to burgers and fish sandwiches. I placed an order for the blackened Cobia tacos with jicama coleslaw, mango salsa and shredded cheese. The woman at the counter informed me that the fish tacos are known as a local favorite, and after tasting a bite I knew exactly why. They were so good I ate them all before I could snap a picture. Why do tacos (or any food for that matter) taste so much better after a day at the beach? 

I couldn't leave lunch without ordering one of their shakes or cold treats. After taking the recommendation from one of the servers, I went with a key lime pie bar. It was a slice of key lime pie dipped in dark chocolate and was served on a stick. I could have easily eaten an entire pie worth of slices. If you like key lime pie, definitely order a slice to go; I promise you won't regret it!