Halloween Eve!

For the last several weeks my mom had been hinting to the fact that she had a surprise activity planned for us on the evening before Halloween. Turns out, that surprise was a trip to Tampa Theatre for an after hours ghost tour! The stories they told made it seem as if all of the ghosts that "live" there are rather friendly. If I lived/haunted such a beautiful and historic theatre I would probably be one happy ghost as well- free popcorn 24/7! Aside from the entertaining stories, we went back stage, which was probably my favorite part. There were so many great pictures of the theatre from years ago, older framed news articles, and disco balls! The theatre offers the ghost tours around Halloween each year. Aside from the ghost tours, they also do a behind the scenes tour each weekend that is open to the public for a small fee. That tour is next on my list, as both tours focus on different facts about the theatre, making each one worthwhile. My mom and I had a great time and it was the perfect way to set the spirit going into Halloween. Thank you, mom!